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About Aksharah

Aksarah is the letter and the letter accompanies the sound, the sound is said to be the origination of the universe. That sound is the primordial sound of OM. Everything originates from the sound and the pure sound is what aksarah represents. It is a gift of this pure source in all its vitality depicting itself in wellness products only for you. You deserve nothing less than that. We are here to do this for you.

Aksarah denotes the essence of our being. All the products are thoroughly researched and developed to harmonize the system of the body. We are natural beings and are made up of the five elements (earth, air, water, ether, and fire). As Mother Nature is, we are only reflections as there is 70% water that makes our body and also this planet. There are different energy centres through which flow vertices and troughs of energy. We have 72,000 nerves in our body where this energy flows. Within every cell, there is an atom, inside the atom; there is proton neutron electron the energy particles. These energy particles denote as aksarah (the imperishable, indestructible, fixed, and immutable).


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