Our Story

How Aksharah was started

Our story is one of emergence, realization and a will to fight for the greater good. I tried everything that modern medicine had to offer to cure my paralysis. But as time went on, the chances to heal was looking dimmer and dimmer. Healing and nature were to be the shimmering armor that helped me to gain my full health.

Ever since that day, my mission has been of proving the best and organic produce that enhances the life force in human beings. We started off with canaveda in 2019 investing our resources and time in researching the usage of hemp.

Now with Aksarah, we want to establish a wellness brand, one that can touch many lives and many sectors such as personal care, holistic ayurveda, and organic clothing with 100% nature-friendly and organic raw materials. 

We manufacture hemp fiber for its various uses and distribute it in Nepal and many other counties abroad. Our raw materials come from more than 30 districts of Nepal.

Pratik Karki, Owner of Aksharah
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